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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of the most popular museums in Boston. It's rich with history, art and plenty of plant life to discover. Unfortunately due to the lack of a labeling system (per Isabella's will) the museum is difficult to navigate and many of her treasures get overlooked. To enhance this museum experience I researched and tackled these three obstacles:
+   Lack of accessible information about the artwork
+   Lack of direction or flow throughout the museum leaves visitors overwhelmed and aimless
+   Visitors want a takeaway from the trip since photographs are prohibited in some areas of the museum

This application would only be installed on iOS devices at the museum that a guest could check out for their visit. 

To get help wayfinding, the user can choose a pre-created tour or create their own tour to follow throughout their visit. By creating a tour the user can customize their experience for the duration of their stay and what type of art they want to see.
The app then guides the user through a demo of the wayfinding function
Once a user approaches an art piece on their tour the information for the artwork pops up allowing the user to read or listen to the information now, save it for later on their tour (if the piece is very crowded or unavailable), or remove the piece from their tour entirely.
 After the user has finished their tour they have the option to save their memories from the tour by sending a raw pdf of the images and info to their email or creating a well-designed coffee table photobook that is sent to them via
Finally once the user is done choosing their images they pick their book size and are then sent a link to finish the book ordering process.
Photographs that are taken on the trip (photo opportunities prompted in the app) and imagery of the museum break up the sections of the book by room.
Each of the sections have a image of the artwork on one page and the museum description and location on the other page.

The final page gives a short conclusive summary of the trip with an image from the end of the tour
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